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Spaniel String Holder - BE0576
SET OF 2 Iron Plant Holders - BE0578
Rooster String Holder - BE0580
Iron Bird Cage - BE0596
Large Iron Sphere 58cmHx35cmD - EA007
SET OF 3 Oval Astor Ribbed Planters - FZ0004
SET OF 3 Round Astor Ribbed Planter - FZ0005
Astor 8 Pot Holder - FZ0010
Astor Utensil Holder - FZ0011
SET OF 3 Astor Grape Harvesters - FZ0013
SET OF 2 Astor Oval Tray Pots - FZ0014
Liorette Small Urn - HY0006
Liorette Large Urn - HY0007
Liorette Small Ribbed Urn - HY0009
Liorette Fluted Urn - HY0010
Herbs' Glazed Blue Round Pot - SH0021
Herbs' Glazed White Round Pot - SH0022
Set 2 Georgian Wall Planters - YH0080
SET 3 Trellis With Ball On Top 39cmDiax178cmH, 33c - YH0141
Set 2 Angel Plant Holder - YH0183
Large and Small Wall Basket Rust - YH0200
Large Bell Shape Urn with Base Lava Raw Grey 71cmH - YR0016
Large Angel Plant Holder - YH0183-L
Small Angel Plant Holder - YH0183-S
Mara Planter Raw Grey 34cmH - YR0008
Rabbit String Holder - BE0577
Liorette Bird Feeder - HY0003
Set 3 Black Herb Scissors (21c - SC0002
Footed  Urn with Square Base Lava Raw Grey 45cmH - YR0015
Small  Bell Shape Urn with Base Lava Raw Grey 51cm - YR0017
Tall Pedestal - YR0019
Katya White Vase 50cmDiax56.5cmH - YR0026

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