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Large Golden Pear - DH0143
Large Champagne Hanging Feather - DH0189
Noel White Light Up Glass Globe - DH0153
Small Golden Apple - DH0144
Silver Metal Bells - DH0151
Large Hanging Champagne Pinecone - DH0148
Joy White Light Up Glass Globe - DH0152
Champagne Hanging Hedgehog - DH0184
Champagne Metal Bells - DH0150
Silver Metal Hanging Heart - DH0175
Small Silver Metal Standing Tree - DH0191
Small Glass Shadow Globe - BK0009
Medium Glass Shadow Globe - BK0010
Large Glass Shadow Globe - BK0011
Light Up Pointed House Globe - BK0012
Light Up Square House Globe - BK0013
Set 3 Crackle Globes - BP0001
Pack 4 Heart - BW0025
Pack 4 Egg - BW0026
Oval Hanging Ball with Sqaure Beading - BW0038
Round Hanging Ball with Round Beading - BW0039
Flower Beaded Wreath - BW0040
Flower Beaded Garland - BW0041
Silver Ball Garland - BW0042
Triple Hanging Stars - BW0043
Triple Hanging Hearts - BW0044
Silver Beaded Hanging Star - BW0045
Silver Beaded Hanging Heart - BW0046
Silver Striped Hanging Star - BW0047
Silver Criss Cross Hanging Heart - BW0048
Silver Flower Beaded Hanging Ball - BW0050
Silver Flower Metal Hanging Ball - BW0051
Silver White Beaded Hanging Droplet - BW0052
Silver Round Diamante Hanging Ball - BW0053
Distressed Silver Hanging Oval - BW0054
Distressed Silver Hanging Ball - BW0055
White Washed Silver Hanging Oval - BW0056
White Washed Silver Hanging Ball - BW0057
Silver Brown Beaded Hanging Pinecone - BW0058
Silver Brown Beaded Hanging Droplet - BW0059
Large Hanging Champagne Cut Out Star - DH0146
Silver Bling Stocking - DH0088
Champagne Bling Stocking - DH0089
Silver Bling Xmas Star - DH0090
Champagne Bling Xmas Star - DH0091
Silver Bling  Small Hanging Bauble - DH0092
Champagne Small Hanging Bauble - DH0093
Silver Bling Xmas Angel - DH0094
Champagne Bling Xmas Angel - DH0095
Silver Bling Heart Frame - DH0096

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